Guarantee of Authenticity


We're the real deal, 100% - absolutely no fakes or replicas. We are committed to combating counterfeit items, and we take confirming the authenticity of each item we sell very seriously.
Our promise to you: We offer a lifetime return policy, for any item purchased from our site that is deemed inauthentic by a well-recognized authentication expert in the form of a written statement. is one of most respected sellers of pre owned luxury items. Shop with the assurance of top tier customer service and a professional team of authenticators and luxury experts with over 30 years of combined service.

Each designer handbag is inspected from top to bottom by an authenticity expert to ensure it meets all of our standards before it is sent to you. Our authenticators have been trained to inspect each bag to ensure that it has authentic materials, hardware, lining, lettering & embossing, codes, cards, packaging and features.
We take careful measures to confirm an item's authenticity before placing it on our site for sale.


Our goal is to offer a safe shopping experience for our customers.
If any item purchased from our site is deemed inauthentic by a well-recognized authentication expert, we will take it back and offer a full refund, including all shipping costs. Documentation from the well reputed source stating their findings is required.

1) Contact a trained authentication expert to have your item authenticated. Request a written statement of their findings.

2)  Send a copy of their findings to our team by email (

3) We will contact the authenticator and discuss their concerns. If the final determination is the item is not authentic, we will issue a prepaid return shipping label and issue a full refund of the purchase price, including any taxes and shipping costs. The returned item will be destroyed.

We are committed to making your pre owned luxury shopping safe and enjoyable. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.