Auction Guide

Vetoben LLC

645 s hill street
Los angeles, CA 90014
(213) 820-1308

Auction Process and method

Preparations before entering the auction

You should be logged in. (If you are an existing member)
Membership is required. (If you are a new member)
Login is required for bidding.

 Membership approval process

  1. Automatic approval immediately upon registration
  2. After signing up, you can use it immediately without approval.

How to pay the successful bid

Only 10% of the winning price
The 10% deposit will be paid first for the successful bid.
The remaining balance will be paid upon defect or other confirmation when picking up the goods.

Payment method

Credit / Debit Card 
Pay Pal  
Bank Transfer 

Choose a convenient payment method for the poor.

How do I get in touch after a successful bid?

  • By e-mail
  • By Text service
  • By KaKao talk
  • By Call service

View Online Auction Bidder Terms and Conditions

*Auctions will be automatically cancelled if the amount of bidders do not succeed at least 3.